SnapStone Installation Franchise

We are exploring the creation of SnapStone Installation Franchises throughout the US. We seek highly energetic individuals who want to own their own business and are interested in installing SnapStone tile as an official Franchisee. As we are in the initial development phase of this program, we are offering a limited number of FREE franchise territories in exchange for your help and support in developing the SnapStone Franchise program.

The individuals we seek must have the following attributes:

  1. Highly motivated to own their own business
  2. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  3. The ability to explain SnapStone to consumers and sell them on the advantages and benefits
  4. Self-starter
  5. High-character people who are prepared to make a real and long-term commitment
  6. While these initial pilot Franchisees are not required to pay any franchise fee, they must be willing and able to fund any start-up costs for tools and equipment
  7. The ability and aptitude to install SnapStone tile
  8. A Team player who wants to help create an exciting new business model

If you are interested, please submit your contact information, along with a couple of notes on why you are interested in a pilot SnapStone Installation Franchise.

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